Foods to Avoid After Teeth Whitening

When people think about the kinds of foods to avoid after whitening your teeth, dark liquids, and sticky candy probably come to mind. Although those examples are very true, there are several less thought of foods that you should avoid after your teeth whitening appointment that you should keep in mind. Here are several of those foods to avoid:

  • Coffee – Coffee is proven to stain your teeth the more you drink it. However, we understand that this may be a hard one to cut out entirely. If you need your coffee to make it through the day, then add milk to help and or drink it through a straw to help reduce the staining effect.
  • Tea – Dark blended teas can actually be worse at staining your teeth than coffee. However, reducing your in take of tea, and reducing the amount it touches your teeth can help can lower your risk for staining.
  • Wine – Specifically, red wine’s acidity and dark color make it a high-risk drink after teeth whitening. Also, while white wine itself can’t stain your teeth, the acidity weakens your teeth’s enamel increasing your vulnerability to other staining foods.
  • Fizzy Drinks – Just like many of the other beverages on our list, the acidity and color additives increase the likelihood of these drinks staining your teeth.
  • Fruit Juices – Most fruit juices are very high in sugar and are acidic. The acid weakens your teeth’s enamel increasing the risk of stains and the sugar is not great for your teeth in general.
  • Dark Condiments or Fruits – soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, tomato sauce, blackberries, and blueberries are all foods that are seemingly random, but risky because of their color and acidity.
  • Candy & Chocolate – Lots of candies and chocolates contain artificial dyes that dye your mouth and teeth after eating them.
  • Tobacco – Smoking or smokeless tobacco products have been proven to stain your teeth and gums over time. Since teeth are extra sensitive after whitening, the risk of tobacco staining your teeth is significantly higher.

Many of these foods are hard to give up but removing these foods from your diet doesn’t have to be permanent! Avoiding these foods is only necessary for the first 48 hours after your teeth whitening treatment.

When done correctly by professionals, like Dr. Evans, teeth whitening is an amazing transformative process that can boost your confidence for years to come. If you are in Boulder and interested in getting your teeth professionally whitened give Dr. Evans a call today!