Things to Do in Boulder - Restaurants

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The staff here at David Evans DDS love living and working in Boulder, CO.  Sports, recreation, entertainment, the beautiful outdoors, food, and wonderful places to shop are all part of the Boulder experience.  In fact, our city is one of the best places to live in the United States.

What to do in Boulder

Boulder, CO has won just about every award imaginable.  It’s been on lists of Best Places to Live, Best Foodie Cities, Best Vacation Spots, Best College Towns, and Healthiest Cities. And there’s plenty to do here.

Shopping in Boulder

One staff favorite for shopping in Boulder is the Pearl Street Mall.  

An eclectic mix of breweries, trinket shops, bookstores, boutiques, ice cream parlors, and street performers, Pearl Street Mall is the perfect shopping, dining, and drinking area. The mall comprises block after block of trees, statues, gardens, stores, bars, and restaurants all the while offering gorgeous views of the surrounding mountains.

Pearl Street’s historic buildings, filled with boutiques and shops line just about every inch of the brick walkways.  It’s easy to spend a day exploring this trendy shopping spot with its independent shops, bookstores, cafes, and galleries.

With 20 to 30 restaurants from national chains like the Cheesecake Factory to small local pubs all within an easy stroll, it’s easy to find a place to rest your feet and have a great meal while you take a break from your shopping.

Twenty Ninth Street

When we’re looking for more of a chain store shopping experience there’s always the Twenty Ninth Street outdoor center with its amazing view of the Flatiron buildings and plenty of popular retailers such as Anthropologie, H&M, Apple, Macy’s, Home Depot, Sephora, and Nordstrom Rack.

Recreation and Entertainment in Boulder

Sports in Boulder

Boulder is the #1 Sports Town in America. The outdoor recreation in this city rivals anything you’ve ever seen. In just one day you can take on the hiking and biking trails through the Rocky Mountains, go fly-fishing in Boulder Creek or go snowboarding or downhill skiing at Eldora Mountain Ski Resort.


Entertainment and education in Boulder combine with the number of great museums we have available to us.  

From the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), to the Fiske Planetarium, to the Boulder Arts and Crafts Museum, and the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, Boulder inhabitants enjoy easy access to over 20 permanent exhibits for the presentation of art and history.  These collections inspire and educate local residents and visitors from around the world.

Where should I eat in Boulder?

Great food is easy to find in Boulder and with a host of farm-to-table restaurants, all of us who are passionate about eating local have a wide variety of places to choose from.  We even got named the “Foodiest Town” by Bon Appetite magazine. From hamburgers and pizza to vegetarian, and from Thai food to sushi, we can always find the type of food we’re looking for.   

Pizza in Boulder, CO

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With so many things to do, restaurants to enjoy, and places to see, I sometimes wonder what is the best part about being a Boulder dentist? The answer is simple. It’s the people. Patients, staff, friends and the people you meet on the street are all somehow special.  

In fact, I wasn’t even surprised the other day when I read that the Gallup Well-Being Index names Boulder the “Best Community for Physical Well-Being”, and Luminosity ranked it as one of the “Smartest Cities in America”.  Add to those endorsements the fact that the majority of people I see as a Boulder dentist are just plain nice, that’s the most important reason why I love having my practice here in Boulder, Colorado.