When Will We Be Re-Opening?

Our office has been closed for the month of April due to the risk of COVID-19. However, Boulder County has officially declared dental offices are allowed to re-open starting May 8th. Re-opening of all businesses will require heightened safety measures, and dental offices are no exception. With dental exams and procedures being rather invasive the safety precautions we will be taking are even more heightened than standard business.

To ensure our patient’s safety we will be taking the following safety precautions:

  • Email Questionnaire
    • The day before the appointment, we will be emailing out a questionnaire asking a few health-related questions that will need to be filled out and returned to us. This will be our first step to making sure all patients are healthy before coming in for their appointment.
  • Phone Check-Ins
    • We will be providing the option of phone check-ins. Patients will be able to virtually check-in by calling us to verify they are checking in for their appointment. This will help reduce the time patients are in the office. (If we are busy and do not answer, please leave us a message and we will get you checked in.)
  • Temperature Screening
    • Another part of our check-in process will be to take each patient’s temperature. This will again help us ensure all patients are healthy before coming into the building for their appointment.
  • Additional Screening & Consent Forms
    • These forms will be provided to patients once they are checked in. These forms will again confirm the health of the patient and allow them to consent to treatment.
  • Face Masks Are Required
    • All patients will be required to wear a mask when entering the office and continue to wear them until seated in the operatory room. Once the procedure is completed, we ask a mask to be put back on and worn when exiting the operatories and returning to the front desk for check out.
    • With the shortage of medical supplies in the community, we are unable to provide masks to patients at this time, so patients will be responsible for bringing their own.
  • Full Surgical Attire
    • Dental Hygienists & Dr. Evans will be in surgical gowns, hats, gloves, masks & face shields to help protect both patient and employee during the appointment.
  • Increased Office Sanitation Measures
    • We will also be thoroughly sanitizing all common spaces and dental equipment continuously throughout the day to help lower the risk of the virus spread. Sanitizing vaporizers with HEPA filters will be added in our clinical operatories and public areas to help purify the air. We also will be installing plexiglass shields at the front desk to minimize the risk of both our staff & patients.

We have ordered the supplies needed to accomplish all of these safety measures, but we are unfortunately still waiting on products to arrive. With all medical resources in high demand several of the orders we have placed have been back-ordered and we are unsure of their arrival date. Until we receive all of the necessary items, we will not be re-opening our office.

We are sad to be unable to open on May 8th as we had hoped, but the safety of you, our patients, is our top priority. Once we have received the supplies needed and have all the measures in place, we will let everyone know the official date we will be re-opening.

Thank you for your continued support and patience.

Dr. David Evans