Crown lengthening is a fairly common procedure that involves recontouring gum tissue to reveal more surface area of a tooth in preparation for a crown placement. Because a crown must be affixed to an existing tooth, excess gum tissue and sometimes bone need to be reshaped through a process referred to as crown lengthening.

Sometimes when a tooth is chipped or broken, the crown lengthening procedure is helpful in exposing enough of the tooth from under the gumline to safely secure the new crown. Similarly, with large cavities near the gumline, crown lengthening creates the opportunity for the crown to have more tooth available to attach itself.

Individuals with gummy smiles could also benefit from crown lengthening surgery in Boulder. Excessive gums can cover part of the teeth that might otherwise be exposed, leaving the teeth to appear shorter than they actually are. For crown work and a more natural looking smile, the crown lengthening technique could be a potential solution.

Crown Lengthening – Boulder, CO
Before crown lengthening
Crown Lengthening After – Boulder, CO
After crown lengthening
Crown Lengthening photos courtesy of: Dr. Pearl Lai

Dr. David Evans and his competent team in Boulder, CO can provide you with an overview consultation to identify what dental procedure is best for your individual situation. An examination of the gums, teeth, and bone structure will help determine if crown lengthening surgery in Boulder is right for you. The procedure only takes about an hour to complete and can sometimes happen the same day as the consultation. For the best possible results, schedule an appointment with Dr. David Evans office in Boulder sooner than later.