Quality dental care and advanced gum disease technology is a priority when treating our patients. To optimize comfort and recovery time, laser treatment procedures are available for individuals that suffer from gum disease and periodontitis. Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure, also known as LANAP, is patented technology from Millennium Dental Technologies Inc. and utilized in treating gum disease as well as other oral surgeries.

Individuals with tooth implants that are experiencing peri-implantitis, inflammation of the gums, or gum disease surrounding the false tooth, can also benefit from this specialized laser dentistry in Boulder, Colorado. The Laser Assisted Peri-Implantitis Procedure or LAPIP focuses on healing damaged gums and allows the patient to recover faster.

Laser assisted technology is beneficial for other oral surgeries such as frenulum or the removal of excess gum or lip tissue that can lead to dental problems such as receding gums, periodontal issues, and ill-fitting dentures or braces. The advanced technology of lasers not only makes the procedure more comfortable, and the recovery time faster but also significantly reduces bleeding.

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